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Since Spruce Grove, Alberta is my home, I am a Spruce Grove Mortgage Broker.  Yes, I can help anyone across Canada and help them get great rates on their mortgages, and there are many individuals I have helped out. However, I have to acknowledge all of the wonderful clients I’ve had in this region, where they gave me the privilege of acting as their mortgage broker.


I am proud of being able to help so many families and individuals get a new home mortgage for themselves in Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and Parkland County.  I have worked hard with them to make the mortgage process as simple and stress-free as possible, helping them with clarity as to what paperwork they required and kept them up to date with the whole process.  I am always pleased to see my clients get the pre-approvals they needed to get a new home.


Being from Spruce Grove, I know the region and I am familiar with many of the realtors and other individuals needed to help any client successfully get their mortgage. I look forward to helping out many more in the future.

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