Divorce Workshop

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The One Weekend Divorce Workshop

Saturday April 23rd and Sunday April 24th 9:00 am – 4:00 pm both days at:

#600  800 Broadmoor Blvd at the offices of Kurie Queck LLP

Maximum 10 Couples

This is a prototype workshop where you will have an entire weekend with access to divorce lawyers and mediators who can answer all your questions, explain all your options and prepare you so you can immediately file for divorce or separation. Lawyers will help you with all legal requirements and legal questions while mediators sort out and fine tune anything left to be resolved between participating couples in a workshop environment.

You will have all the tools to complete your agreements or divorce filings. Or, if you prefer, we can write your agreements for you or file your divorce papers almost immediately for a super low fee available only to workshop participants. It is true. You can be ready to file for divorce at the end of just one weekend.

FEE: $950 + GST = $997.50 per couple (both parties must be in attendance)

For more information, contact Pete at 780-901-2134

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